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    Default DevRates - open-source reviews by developers

    I would like to introduce to you our brand new website[1]. DevRates is an online community for IT specialists, collecting rates and reviews of open-source projects. Each open-source library can be rated in 5 categories: overall, usability, simplicity, documentation, and community. Libraries are categorized with tags, e.g., "java", "web framework", which help you match similar libraries to those you are familiar with. This makes our portal a kind of technology radar of latest trends in open-source development.

    Other features on our website are “following projects” and “public profiles”. By following projects you collect the latest news from twitter and blogs on your wall. On public profile [2], you can select which libraries you know and list your experience in both commercial and personal projects. We also plan to introduce “company profiles” (ISV), which will allow companies to inform potential employees about the technologies they use to develop
    business solutions.

    You can leave your feedback on DevRates website or send it directly by email [3]. You can also suggest new libraries and provide your blog.

    [1] DevRates | Open source reviews by real users
    [2] sample profile: DevRates | Open source reviews by real users

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    Default Re: DevRates - open-source reviews by developers

    Moved from Java Software. Please post advertisements in this section and this section only.

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