TeamDev announces the major 3.0 release for the JxCapture library.

JxCapture is a cross-platform library that provides a comprehensive Java screen capture API for Java applications. It gives the ability to capture any graphic element on the screen, whether an entire window or just a single object on it, and save it for further manipulation in Java code. JxCapture API allows to perform various capture operations from video and sound capturing, to taking a screen shot of a separate UI element.

Major enhancement in the 3.0 release is Linux x32/x64 platform support. The library was tested under the following platforms:
Fedora 12, x64
Fedora 11, x32
Ubuntu 10, x64
Ubuntu 10, x32
CentOS 5.3 x32

The update is available for download. Feel free to try the online demo at our website. We have also prepared a number of online samples covering the most common use-cases to help our users easily integrate JxCapture into their applications. The JxCapture samples are available online on the JxCapture support site.

Try it - image and video capturing in Java applications has never been so easy!