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    Default Plar: my Java Multiplayer Platform Game!

    yes, my favorites games are the good old arcades.
    usually the old platform games had the problem that enemies was always very stupids, and my best wishes was to play it with smart people I write a multiplayer version of the platform games,

    It is called PlAr that stays for Platform Arena, In the gameplay the characters move through a scrolling level, plus you can fight with other humans! ..the idea is to play in the 2D style agagainst other humans!
    It is written in Java, opensource,t the moment this is a beta version, future releases will have a level editor and a player editor,and a better gameplay feature, this is just a CONNECT'N'SHOOT version!

    here the homepage:

    The engine of the game is very flexible and a lot of improvements can be easily done, if you think you can help in the design side or in the developement side, please contact me now!

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    Default Re: Plar: my Java Multiplayer Platform Game!

    Don't advertise in the Java Software category. The thread you started there has been removed.

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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