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    Default Space Warrior - Multiplayer Space Shooter

    Hello everybody,

    in my very first thread I would like to introduce a game I'm working on with a friend.

    It is a multiplayer space shooter, if you may call it that ;). The principle is fairly simple: You move around with your spaceship trying to eliminate your opponents by using certain weapons.
    Currently, the game runs in a LMS gameplay mode, however it is likely that we will provide different modes later.

    First of all, here are some links:
    Git repo
    Download page

    To start the game, here is a quick start guide:
    1. Download the packages and unpack them
    2. Start the "client.jar" in the folder called "client"
    3. Click the "Host" button to set up a server in the background (you can start the server.jar as well)
    4. Choose a name and click the "Connect" button
    5. Clients on other PCs can connect by entering the server PC's IP. In a local network, you may use the "Update" button to search for servers. Choose one and connect
    6. After the connection has been established, move around using WASD. Shooting is done by pressing:
    N = Laser
    M = "Master" Laser
    B = Rocket
    V = Mine

    Note that you will have to configure the server PC's firewall (you may as well turn it off while playing).
    If the client does not move, click on the playing field and try again and ensure that caps lock is off.

    We hope that some of you will find some time to give our game a try, we are looking forward to your suggestions ;)

    Finally, here's the changelog/listing of new features since the last version:

    >> gameplay:
    - collision checking
    - limited shotrate
    - improved physics
    - player specific space ships

    >> view:
    - active rendering
    - smoother animations
    - particle system

    >> gui:
    - scroll bar for the chat history
    - disconnect reason is shown in a dialog
    - disconnect button

    >> data issues:
    - improved snapshot system
    - introduced entity framework

    >> new weapons:
    - mines
    - rockets

    >> other features:
    - server can now be started out of the client and controlled via the command line
    - simple buglogger
    - changed behavior when two clients have the same name

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    Default Re: Space Warrior - Multiplayer Space Shooter

    k. interesting game.
    [why are you annoyed with my sig?]

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    Default Re: Space Warrior - Multiplayer Space Shooter

    Moved from Java Gaming. Please don't advertise in the technical forums.

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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