Does anybody listen to Pandora? You know the "I'm still listening" button that pops up once an hour or so? I made a little program that automatically clicks it for you, so you don't have to pay attention to your computer to keep the music going (for parties, or when you're busy doing other stuff, etc). Check it out if you feel like it: I'm Still Listening!

I mostly wrote the program for myself, and it's not too much to look at, but it does demonstrate some cool stuff you can do in Java. It uses the Robot class to check your screen for the button, and clicks it if it sees it. It also uses the nifty SystemTray class for a menu, which I think is kinda cool.

It works great on my system, so maybe it will prove useful to others as well (and if anybody has any problems with it on their system, I'd love to hear about them). Or maybe the code will give somebody other ideas about how to use those capabilities.

I've also posted this here: I'm Still Listening (shameless self promotion, Pandora)