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    Default I'm trying to select my next laptop, help!

    Hello everyone,

    I am a Computer Science major, and I am looking to pick up a new laptop for development purposes. The one I have now is intensely slow and old, so I need an upgrade. Please keep in mind that I am a poor college guy and on a bit of a budget, but I would like a machine that is going to do everything a CSci major would need to do before graduation without any hiccups. Some of the classes I am taking will be :

    Information & Systems Security
    Computer Architecture
    Object Oriented Java
    Systems Analysis and Design

    If you guys have any recommendations it would be greatly appreciated, as I do not know much about computer specs yet and I am hoping to become educated in the field as I go through the process of selecting my next machine.


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    Default Re: I'm trying to select my next laptop, help!

    I'm not going to give examples because I am far from proficient as far as specs go, but I doubt you will be doing anything too computationally intensive. Most average computers nowadays should be more than sufficient. Others here can probably help you out as far as examples.

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    Default Re: I'm trying to select my next laptop, help!

    something that has 2Gb or up memory and 1.8Ghz CPU would be enough to run your IDEs.
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