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Barcodes for Jewelry Tags

If you have a jewelry business and want to know if barcodes are for you, read the following explanation
Everyday you see bar codes in the world around you. You see them in supermarkets, on labels, greeting cards and consumable goods. By now you also realize that bar codes have replaced the traditional pricing of products.

A bar code can best be described as an "optical Morse code." Series of black bars and white spaces of varying widths are printed on labels to uniquely identify items. The bar code labels are read with a scanner, which measures reflected light and interprets the code into numbers and letters that are passed on to a computer. Because there are many ways to arrange these bars and spaces, numerous symbologies are possible. Common linear symbologies include UPC/EAN, Interleaved 2 of 5 (I of 5), Codabar, Code 39, and Code 128.

There is no one standard bar code; instead, there are several different bar code standards called symbologies that serve different uses, industries, or geographic needs. Since 1973, the Uniform Product Code (UPC), regulated by the Uniform Code Council, an industry organization, has provided a standard bar code used by most retail storesPOSTNET is the standard bar code used in the United States for ZIP codes in bulk mailing.

If you want to sell your products to some stores, they may request from you to send your merchandise with a preprinted barcode, and you may need to complain with a certain standards.

But if you want to use the barcode only for your own control, you do not need to complain with any regulatory agency.

The point of sale systems assign a code to each product, and with a barcode printed in the tags the cashier just has to scan the barcode instead of typing the whole code. This process reduce time and mistakes.

One of the must user friendly programs to print barcodes is bartender. You can use this software to print all kind of tags, including very small jewelry tags.

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