TeamDev announces a major release for JxCapture, a Java library that provides a comprehensive screen capture API. With the new version this cross-desktop solution adds the ability to save the captured result into video format.

At present developers have just a few ready solutions when it comes to adding capturing functionality to their Java Apps apart from the capabilities provided by Java itself (Robot class). JxCapture significantly adds up to the current supply by providing a simple and yet comprehensive API for screen capturing. The library includes such advanced features as full-screen capture on multiple monitors, hidden/offscreen windows capture, inclusion of the mouse pointer and others.

The new JxCapture 2 introduces ability to record the screen activity to different video formats, depending on the chosen platform. With JxCapture you can also accompany your video recording with audio prompts, as the library allows to acquire sound from any audio recording device available in the system. As speed and performance is always the major concerns for video capturing, JxCapture 2 was implemented to deliver maximum efficiency to Java applications.

Going a bit deeper JxCapture 2 provides the following abilities:

  • Capturing of windows, rectangular screen areas, full screens on multiple monitors or any UI elements;
  • Gathering information about the UI elements on the screen;
  • Capturing the screen activity into movie, with a choice of the resulting movie format, size, bitrate and codec;
  • Record sound to accompany your video.

For more detail please visit JxCapture TeamDev Ltd. and make sure to try out the online demo.

Our team is always glad to hear your feedback or answer your questions on our support forum: TeamDev Support: Community: JxCapture

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