Hey Guys,

This is my first software system, not fully complete, this is my first working prototype.

It is set within a runnable jar file, please Run, Test, Comments, Suggestions, Critics are welcomed.

Problem Definition

When designing software, an important aspect of software engineering is the preparation of operation specifications for the operations of a system. Traditional methods don’t bring comprehensive coverage to the requirements of the operations of the software. Absence of operations specifications can cause the following problems

• Basic information about required operation can be disorderly or disorganized.
• Pseudo codes and flowcharts can be difficult to maintain, especially for a complex system
• Unorganized attributes and valid operations for the current system.
• No form of explicitly showing inputs and outputs from an operation.
• Must decide on operation design based on FOD and OOD

Proposed Solution

This project as proposed in [Foster, 2009a] is to address this problem by developing an Extended Operation Specification Facilitator to be designed for software engineering in organizing operations designs.

This software system must be portable and platform independent (if possible). Recommended software development includes MySQL as the back-end DBMS and Netbeans using java for coding.
The methodologies used for specifying the system are based of software engineering standards as discussed in [Foster, 2009b]. We have also drawn from the work of [Loverde, Roscoe, & Shippee 2008].

Rapidshare File: EOSF Jar
Rapidshare File: EOSF Documentation