Hello friends.

I would like to share about 3 Secrets to Succeeding Online with Your Business,
Succeeding online is easy, right? Just throw up a sales page, drop in some 'buy now' links and sit back and watch your bank account grow.

1. Know what you're highest payoff activities are. The successful entrepreneurs I've worked with know exactly what they should be focusing on each day. They know what they're strengths are and what's going to bring in the most money. That's what I mean by highest pay-off activities.

2. DO your highest pay-off activities. Ah, yes. It's not enough to actually know them, you need to actually DO them. And, better yet, you should organize your day around your highest-payoff activities. That way, you know you're spending as much time as possible on your highest pay-off activities.

3. Delegate out or delete your weaknesses. Without a doubt, the successful entrepreneurs I know spend little to no time trying to 'strengthen weaknesses.' What they typically spend their time doing is strengthening their strengths and outsourcing their weaknesses.

Next time I'll share specific tips.

Thank You!!!