We are urgently looking for a provider with J2ME experience for one of our customers.

This is the customer’s short description:
“I want a tutoring app developed. The system is really an instant text messaging system. The basics are outlined below:
Pupils will use their web enabled mobile phones to ask questions and tutors will use a pc to answer questions. …”

Are you interested in the project?
1. All you need to do is register for free at twago.com as a provider for free
2. Once you are signed in all project details are visible (title: Mobile tutor project twago.com/job/bids.action?job=74. Sign in and Register) and you can submit your proposal
3. The customer will decide and the project starts

We are a service platform and bring together European customers and service providers. With us you can win additional projects from German and other European customers.
Costs will occur only in case you are awarded for the project (7% of the project budget).

Thank you.