As an Excel-like Web-based Java reporting tool, RAQ Report has became popular in more and more web report developers. In its report IDE, RAQ Report has set a lot of startup properties which satisfy the common needs of users, and this makes users convenient.

However, those experienced developers may need more personalized designer initial properties. Such as row height, column width, font size and so on. Then, they need not to set these properties time and time again.

As a professional java reporting tool, RAQ Report provides two solutions for advanced users.

1. Set initial properties in the report IDE of RAQ Report.

Open the report IDE, and choose “Configure>Options>Initial properties”.Set your desired initial properties here, and click “OK”. As shown below:

Then you can design a new report with those startup properties from the next time you open RAQ Report.

Note: With this method, some initial properties can only be set as integer, not decimal.

2. Set initial properties in the configuration file of RAQ Report.

Open RAQ Report’s installation directory “reportHome\designer\tmp”, and find the option node in the file report4config.xml. Under this node, initial properties can be set as decimal. Such as fRowHeight, fColWidth, etc. Save the file after changing. As shown below:


Then, reset the designer, and you will find that changed initial properties have been saved.

Note: Before editting the configuration file, you should close the designer.

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