In web-based input report, users sometimes need to change data source dynamically. For example, in a web report, inputted data often need to be saved to different databases according to end users’ different options.
Then, how to achieve it?

RAQ Report is a professional Web-based Java reporting tool, and it can help users to make report easily.
As a real Excel-like reporting tool, RAQ Report provides a wonderful solution to change data source dynamically while updating web report. With RAQ Report, users only need to call RAQ Report API. Then, data sources will be dynamically changed when it’s runing.
ReportDefine rd = (ReportDefine); INormalCell cell = rd.getCell(2, (short)1); InputProperty ip = cell.getInputProperty(); ArrayList al = ip.getUpdateList(); UpdateProperty up = (UpdateProperty)al.get(0); // Get the corresponding relation Object relations = up.getRelation(); if(relations instanceof com.runqian.report4.usermodel.input.TableRelations ){ TableRelations trs = (TableRelations)relations; System.out.println(trs.getDataSourceName()); trs.setDataSourceName(“northwind”); up.setRelation(trs); ArrayList ups = new ArrayList(1); ups.add(up); ip.setUpdateList(ups); cell.setInputProperty(ip);

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