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    Default A good Java installation package can make things much easier

    Since the birth of Java, it is always connected with all kinds of configuration files. Following the configuration habit of Java, the installation deployments of most pure Java products are troublesome.
    As a result, programmers come from other programming language commonly feel unconformable and difficult with the environment configuration of Java.
    A reporting tool is often composed of two parts, designer and server. Commonly, they are independent programs.
    As an independent tool, the installation deployment of report designer is relatively simple. It just needs an installation package. However, as it is pure Java, it must depend on Java environment. As user's computer may have installed a Java environment before, it does not want to install another during the installation of designer. Moreover, the two may be of different versions and conflict. Nevertheless, if you do not install a new one, you have to write a configuration file to configure the installation directory of Java.
    As report server is often deployed on J2EE application server, its installation deployment is more complex. First, publish the report server as a war package. Second, configure the database connection pool. Last, configure according to the requirement of application. For example, RAQ Report needs to configure semantic layer files, authorization files, log files, etc. For application, it needs to configure application directory, port number, etc.
    Beside those above, there is another trouble, the joint of designer and server. As they both run independently, report made by designer needs to be deployed to server, and this makes the development process troublesome. Moreover, you can look over report in web page only after deployment. As a result, users have to establish the web page framework on server first. After that, they can design report and look over the display effect. This increases the difficulty of fast usage experience.
    RAQ Report gives a more perfect solution to installation package. The main advantages of it are as follows:
    1. Integrate report designer and server. Users need not to develop any server-side program, and they can look over the report made in designer in web page directly. This makes fast experience easy for users.
    2. Designed report can be deployed to the application of server directly. This increases the development speed by avoiding secondary deployment.
    3. After designing, it can generate a war package for deployment directly. During the generation process, users can configure a series of application parameters with a friendly interface. Such as semantic layer files, authorization files, log files, etc.
    4. The report designer supports simultaneous development of several applications and it can start/stop several applications simultaneously. As it has a plugin menu for all the applications, users can click corresponding buttons easily. This helps users with less development experience of Web applications a lot.
    Welcome to my blog for more about reporting tool!

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    There's a separate area on these forums for advertising, you know. I'm requesting the moderators to move your post.


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