Hi all,

Recently made a website for game developers to get together, start some projects and to discuss code, etc. Currently, I use the site to show the progress of a game called pong-invader im currently making. I display my progress, problems I encounter and other game developers can feedback about what improvements and suggestions.

Soon, I will allow other game developers put up there own games so people can play, etc. but the site has only been up for a small while. So this is why it would be great for anyone who codes games, websites or just wants to play soem games to join the site and the forum and just get involved in improving the website and the content on it.

At the moment, its just me who makes the site and the games on it. But if anyone wants to help join the team, make the site better - then just join in and let me know. It doesnt matter what your experience is, any help will do. I just want to get people together and have a great time!!


Get on there, join the forum and help out !!

rii x