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    Default Shared Developer IDE

    Hi there,

    we are three people and we have to make a Project for university. Now we are looking for a
    IDE where everybody can work on one project. Is it also possible in Eclipse with any plugin?
    Or is there a manual for Installing GIT? We dont understand how we could use it.

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    Default Re: Shared Developer IDE

    What exactly do you mean "an IDE where everybody can work on one project"?

    An IDE is a code editor- think of it like Microsoft Word, only for code instead of documents. What it sounds like you're asking is for some kind of editor that allows multiple people to modify the source at one time, which sounds like a logistical nightmare.

    What you might mean instead is some kind of version control. Git is certainly an option, as is SVN. Try them out and ask a more specific question.

    Or you could use something like Google Docs if you're really looking to group-edit something. But if that's what you're doing, I'm glad I'm not part of your group!
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