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    Default Bluej question - Constructors

    I have been given a question about a object creation resulting in the constructor of the Time class being called, and to write the constructor's header
    new Time(21, 39, 55);

    So, would the header be "public Time(21, 39, 55)" ? and i have to give meaningful names to formal parameters, which is what i don't understand. Is it just private int hours; etc? I have also been told to attempt to write the body of the constructor and will need to estimate how the code in the body will work and to invent some fields.
    Help on this would be appreciated

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    Default Re: Bluej question - Constructors

    The parameters of a constructor are simply type values appropriate for the class (and you can have more than one constructor
    for a given class). The access type (e.g. private, public) is used to describe the instance fields (the things the constructors are

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