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    Default Java 1.6 compiler for DrJava

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to have multiple versions of the java compiler on one computer. I have the latest version of java that I use with Eclipse, however I would also like to use DrJava but that only supports up to java 1.6 (I think).

    I know what your going to say, DrJava is nowhere near as good an IDE as Eclipse, and I agree, but I like it's lightweight minimalism, on occasion I would prefer to use it over Eclipse (for simple projects, very simple ones). Plus all the hand-holding that Eclipse does makes learning a little more difficult in my opinion, there's something to be said for a learner manually writing out all his classes and methods.

    I don't want to just go and download Java 1.6 and install it, I might overwrite the latest version.

    Thanks for the help.

    Edit: I'm having trouble finding Java 1.6, could someone link me to it?
    Edit2: Found it, it's called Java 6, not 1.6 :)
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