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    Default Builder for JavaBeans?

    Hello all,
    I would like some advice on a tool to visually work with javabeans. A long time ago (before 2000) I used Visual age for Java (IBM) and liked the way you could connect visual and not visual beans via getters, introspection, actionlisteners and properties. Now I tried a tool (BeanBuilder, 2002) that promises just what I want. I got it running but it has bugs (wouldn't connect and won't save). I tried NetBeans but it doesn't seem to have the connecting lines when building that I'm looking for. (Maybe I overlooked it, normally I'm using Eclipse). When googling on javabeans I get the impression that working with beans this way is outdated. Nowadays it's Netbeans-platform or Spring, far to heavy for what I want: just connecting simple beans to a POJO-application. Any idea what to use (some working download of BeanBuilder, maybe NetBeans, that I overlooked something, an eclipse plugin, or other Ide's, JBuilder (which I don't know) for example)?
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