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    Default BlueJ - look-and-feel issues.

    Dear Experts,

    According to the BlueJ faq, there is a method to solve problems with dialogs that don't open.

    The explanation is given below:

    "(Windows) "Open Project", "New Project" appear to do nothing (Dialogs don't open)

    BlueJ when running on Windows uses the "Windows look-and-feel" provided by java, by default. The implementation of the look-and-feel is somewhat less robust than one might hope and it sometimes causes problems. This usually manifests itself as file dialogs failing to open (for instance, the "new project", "open project", etc commands in the project menu appear to do nothing when they are clicked).

    If you see this problem, you should first make sure you are running the latest Java update. Older Java versions are more likely to have problems than newer versions.

    An entry in Sun's bug database which relates to this problem is here. There are some suggested workarounds in that entry.

    There is also a BlueJ-specific workaround for the issue, and that is to disable the use of the Windows look-and-feel in BlueJ. This involves editing the "bluej.defs" configuration file and changing the "bluej.lookAndFeel" setting to "crossplatform". (Just remove the '#' at the beginning of the existing line in the file). BlueJ's appearance is somewhat uglier when this is done, however the file dialogs should no longer fail to appear.

    For more help on editing the bluej.defs file, see BlueJ - Tip Of The Week Archive or consult the reference manual."

    In my versions (3.00) bluej.defs file there are two lines:


    I've tried to remove the # before the last line, but it do not work.

    Does anyone know how I can get this issue resolved so I can open project etc. from BlueJ?

    Is it somewhere else in the .defs file I need to change something?


    Anders Nielsen


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    Already did.

    It has happened during an upgrade from Vista to Windows 7.

    Instead the computer guy at the department has installed a XP version on my Windows 7 that I can use BlueJ in.

    Is is annoying though.

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