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    Default Asking for the compiler

    I have downloaded the Think in Java book, and I'm asking for the compiler that compatible with that book, and where can i get it from?.

    I'm already have the JCreator, but i think it needs to another file (may be JDK) so, where can i get this file from?


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    Compiler thats compatible with the book?
    I suggest gettin Sun's JDK in Java Technology, and if u wish to use an IDE, u could download the bundle that have a netbeans inside from there too, theyr all free

    If u want another IDE besides NetBeans, u could try Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, or JCreator, theyre one of the most common in the net
    Though, personally, i personally recommend using a command prompt and a text editor for learning the basics

    U could view the Java IDE's thread in this forum
    Feel free to look at what others here think bout IDE's choice in this thread too

    Welcome to JAVA

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