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    Thumbs up My OCPJP 7 Exam Success Story

    First i would like to say my biggest thanks to Sharmila and anandepl, they refer study material for ocpjp 7 exam. This one really helped me a lot. Here i share it with you all.

    Today is one of my sweet day, Yes I cleared OCPJP 7 on June 11th 2014 with 84%. Here is my success story...

    Kathy seirra and Bert Bates book Java SE 6 really helped for my OCAJP exam but not for OCPJP.
    I like dietel and dietel book for programming experience. Good book for developing applications.

    EPractize OCAJP 7 Training Lab simulator. You cannot imagine how many times I practiced mock exams and quiz questions from this study kit (around 10 times). It really helped to master all the exam concepts in smart manner.

    You cannot compare with Programmer I exam with Programmer II exam. The exam is really tougher than OCA Java 7 exam. You need to be an expert programmer for JDBC 4, Java NIO2 and Concurrency API. You must do program exercises in order to attain great score in actual exam.

    Few details about OCPJP 7 Exam

    The programmer certification from Oracle is divided into two levels from Java SE 7.
    1. OCA Java SE 7 Programmer
    2. OCP Java SE 7 Programmer
    To attain OCP Java 7 Certification you must complete both certifications. It is tough experience but good for gaining knowledge in Java 7.

    The key areas you need more attentions are generics, JDBC 4.0, concurrency utilities, IO fundamentals and NIO.2, localization, and multi-threading.

    Few details about OCPJP 7 Training Lab

    This is an mock exam simulator which also comes with study notes and interactive quiz exams.

    The best of study material is now delivered through this software book, for Java SE7 Programmer exam by Oracle. This product definitely shape the candidate to certify Java SE7 Programmer.

    This simulating software book is built in coordination by a lot many Java professionals, who had come together to share their practical working experiences, tips, and explanations to prepare for the most complicated exam , in a more systematic manner.

    The content in this software book is completely in line with Oracle's syllabus.

    Easily available, within budget and ease in carrying from your laptop. You just pay once and download the software. You no need to pay monthly or yearly payment.

    A huge 722 number of questions have been put together in the full version of Java SE 7 OCP Training Lab, along with summarized explanations.

    This book is built in a such a way to be easily understood and accessed by candidates. This guide adheres with Plan Practize Achieve methodology of learning to help candidates prepare for exam in a much quicker and easy way.

    I found only one drawback; it runs only on Windows :)

    Thanks guys !

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