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    Default Coercing DataTypes

    I have a calendar that gives me times in milliseconds of datatype long. How do I stuff this into a control that requires a java.util.Calendar datatype?

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    A way to find which class to use is to look at the API doc for the constructors and see how to get from a long to a Calendar. There might be a class that will span that gap.
    Something like:
    Calendar cal = new Calendar(new ?????(long));
    where ???? is the spanning class.

    Since Calendar is abstract, you'll need to use a subclass.

    Or perhaps there is a method in the class/subclass that takes an object that uses a long in its constructor:

    Calendar cal = new Calendar().setTheDate(new ????(long));

    You find these by looking thru the possible methods and classes and see how to get from long to Calendar.
    Good luck.
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