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    Default Using Tesseract OCR with Java


    I am using the Tesseract Optical Character Recognition software, and I am attempting to access it from within a Java program. I so far have attempted to use the Java wrapper known as Tess4j to do this, but despite having followed several walk-thrus now, have not been successful in implementing it.

    The Tesseract software itself has been correctly installed, and works well - I have tested it many times. You actually use it from the Command Prompt - which lead me to wonder why not simply access it by using Java commands to access it from the command prompt. I have been looking at Java processes, and have had some success in running Windows executables from within a Java class.

    The Command Prompt line that I use to get Tesseract to parse a document is as follows:-

    C:\Users\Jeremy\Desktop\Test> tesseract.exe filename.png --Textfilename.txt

    Now, the png file called 'filename' resides in the folder called Test, which is on my desktop. 'tesseract.exe' is in a folder called 'Tesseract-OCR' which is on my C: drive.

    The file called 'Textfilename.txt' is the resulting parsed document file that exists as a text file, and is then placed into the Test folder upon successful execution of the program.

    My question is this, how would this command prompt line be translated into a Java process, or sequence of processes?


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    Default Re: Using Tesseract OCR with Java

    Look at using the Runtime and Process classes to start execution of a program from a java program.

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