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    Default Can Java have sub packages or not?

    This website suggests that Java can have sub packages:

    However a book I am reading, says that Java does not have sub packages/nested packages. As an example, the book says that
    java.nio.file.attribute.* is not a sub package of java.nio.file.* even though it appears to be. Then the author says they are different packages with names that are similar to show the relationship between their contents.

    So does Java have sub packages or not?

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    Default Re: Can Java have sub packages or not?

    No, at least not in terms of searching, like a directory tree. The hierarchical organization is there to sort
    of tie related packages together. But java.util.* will only include those classes in java.util, not java.util.regex
    for example. If you wanted the classes in both your would need to do

    Java Code:
    import java.util.*;
    import java.util.regex.*;
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