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    Default How to store paths

    I have such question - I need serialize some folder with subfolders and files within, then deserialize it the original structure to some another folder.
    I have already created the solution that serialize the files content in List<Streams> and stores the the path to this files in another List<string>. It happened to be fine solution indeed maybe it is error prone that it could lead to inconsistency of streamlist(i) and pathlist(i).
    Should I use just some Node class for folder that have the List/Set of folders and files (separately)? Is the last solution the preferential?

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    Default Re: How to store paths

    Moved to own thread.
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    Default Re: How to store paths

    Is there a specific reason you are using serialization for this? Why not just use the ZipFile API and store the folders in a zip file? You should be able to extract them where you want them.

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