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    Default Java Technologies Question

    do you think java android is worth learning, or do you think kotlin is taking over?
    also what about spring framework?i hearrd it's oldnews...

    and what about JSP/Servlets/JSF? Just wondering which of these are going to be around for atleast another 5+ years, and what's worth learning. Thanks!!

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    Default Re: Java Technologies Question

    Answers to these kind of questions are always biased by a personal view, so you have to take everything with a grain of salt.

    JSF is yesterday's news imho.
    JSP and Servlets are basics in the web development world. If you want to do something in that area you will have to know.
    Java Spring MVC and the related Java Spring Boot are the de facto Standard in the world of complex web applications. Big trend in the web development world are Restful web services and Spring MVC has a great support for that.

    Kotlin is a language that compiles on the JVM. Advantages over Java are existing, but Java is still the mostly used language on Android plus it is used in many other applications (see above). Every Developer has run across Java some time in his life, with Kotlin you always run the risk that you bet on something that surfaced one day and then disappeared again.

    What your next step was is dependent on what you are trying to do (web, android, so many choices). Try to figure that out and then go on and see what the job requirements are in the jobs offered section.

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