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Thread: variables in controller class --> become static

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    Default variables in controller class --> become static

    Dear all,

    Previously I was using spring MVC and struts2. I experienced that variables in controller class become static which I means it is same to all accessed users. I mean if I input information in page A and then go to page B, another user go to page A which will show my inputted information. Sorry for my stupid. As in my sense, i think it should only be session and only available to me. If so, then I need to make all variables become session variables if I want only visible to me. Am I correct? Just want to make sure this for my afterwards programming.

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    Default Re: variables in controller class --> become static

    Static variables are class variables and for any given variable, all users accessing the class see the same value. For instance variables (more properly referred to as instance fields) each instance of the class has its own value per instance variable.

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    Default Re: variables in controller class --> become static

    They don't "become static". What's happening is that there is a single instance of a controller in the application that all requests use, which is why it is not recommended to give any of these things state except in very specific circumstances.

    So, yes, you should either be storing stuff in the session, if it's not too much data (and what "too much" means will depend entirely on your application), or it should be saved to some persistence framework, eg a database.
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    Default Re: variables in controller class --> become static

    Default scope of a Spring bean is singleton.

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