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    Default Please explain why

    why this working

    t = scan.nextLine();

    and this not working

    t = scan.nextLine();

    Java Code:
     package test;
    import java.util.*;
    import java.text.*;
    import java.math.*;
    public class test {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            int i = 4;
            double d = 4.0;
            String s = "HackerRank ";
            Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
            /* Declare second integer, double, and String variables. */
            int j=0;
            double o =0.0;
            String t ;
                    /* Read and save an integer, double, and String to your variables.*/
            System.out.print("Enter value of j :");
            System.out.print("Enter value of o :");
           System.out.print("Enter value of t :");
            t = scan.nextLine();
                    // Note: If you have trouble reading the entire String, please go back and review the Tutorial closely.
                    /* Print the sum of both integer variables on a new line. */
                System.out.println("Sum is " + (i + j));
                    /* Print the sum of the double variables on a new line. */
                System.out.println("Sum is " + (d + o));
                    /* Concatenate and print the String variables on a new line; 
                    	the 's' variable above should be printed first. */
                 System.out.println(s + t);

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    Default Re: Please explain why

    Edit: forget my comment. Scanners are stupid.
    Last edited by SurfMan; 05-18-2017 at 02:02 PM.
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    Default Re: Please explain why

    This is to get around the fact that the other next...() methods leave the new line character(s) in the buffer, and nextLine() only reads up to (and including) a new line.
    Without the throwaway nextLine() all you are doing is reading an empty string.
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