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    Default How to read from text file into an array using for loop

    trying to read from text file some questions and answers and score.. but its showing
    "Exception in thread "main" java.util.NoSuchElementException
    at java.util.Scanner.throwFor(
    at java.util.Scanner.nextInt(
    at java.util.Scanner.nextInt(
    at test.test.ProcessQuestion(
    at test.test.main(


    Java Code:
    package test;
    import java.util.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    public class test {
    	public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
    		//Declare and initialize variables
    		int Orgscore[]=new int[10];
    		String q1[] = new String[10];
    		String ansA[] = new String[10];
    		String ansB[] = new String[10];
    		String ansC[] = new String[10];
    		String ansD[] = new String[10];
    		String correctAns[] = new String[10];
    	public static int ProcessQuestion(String questionArray[] ,String answerA[],String answerB[],String answerC[],String answerD[], String correctAnswer[], int pointValue[])throws IOException
    		 String space[]= new String[10];
    		 String UserChoice[] = new String[10];
    		 int score =0;
    		String blank;
    		File Infile = new File("test.txt");
    		//declare a Scanner to read from the file
    		Scanner fileInput = new Scanner(Infile);
    		//FOR LOOP
    		for(int i = 1; i< space.length;i++)
    			questionArray[i] =     fileInput.nextLine();
    		    answerA[i] =   fileInput.nextLine();
    			answerB[i] =   fileInput.nextLine();
    			answerC[i] =   fileInput.nextLine();
    			answerD[i] =   fileInput.nextLine();
    			correctAnswer[i] = fileInput.nextLine();
    			pointValue[i]=   fileInput.nextInt();
    			blank = fileInput.nextLine();
    		    UserChoice[i] = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(questionArray[i]+"\n"+answerA[i]+"\n"+answerB[i]+"\n"+answerC[i]+"\n"+answerD[i]+"\n"+"Yout current score: "+pointValue[i]);
    		return score;

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    Default Re: How to read from text file into an array using for loop

    Look at the Scanner class methods you are using and see what they say about NoSuchElementException.

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