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    Default specific words in a file

    I need some ideas on a programming project.
    I have to check specific words in a file that have a value associated with them
    each value for the most part is unique. so using a file to store all the keywords
    then search on those keywords, because some of keywords are located in different
    locations in this file (i.e. these keywords are in a table, unlike some of the other keywords
    that are located at the beginning of a line), so any guidance would be greatly

    For example
    test = 4
    build = 67
    happy = ABC
    face = sad
    bad = 123tty

    I was thinking of using if statements with methods
    while(site != null) {
    if (file.contains(test)
    get the value for test called 'tvalue'
    if file.contains(build)
    get the value for build called 'bvalue'
    then in each method do the value check in there

    how does this sound for an idea

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    Default Re: specific words in a file

    That looks like a start. Now move the design to the next level and fill in some details.
    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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