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    Default Spawning object on mouse coords

    I have a problem with my program, it has lagging in positioning an object on mouse x and y
    here is a example of itSpawning object on mouse coords-capture.png
    Here is Algorithm that I used:
    Java Code:
        x.px = normalize((mouse.x - + camera.viewportWidth/2) * c.AU); = normalize((mouse.y + - camera.viewportHeight/2) * c.AU);
    here is full code:

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    Default Re: Spawning object on mouse coords

    Can you make a small, complete program that compiles, executes and shows the problem?
    Post it here wrapped in code tags.

    A suggestion: Your debug display should show the values of x and y in addition to the names.
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    Default Re: Spawning object on mouse coords

    Ugh! The use of tends to make me think this isn't from the Java API.

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