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Thread: Loop doesn't repeat from where I want it to

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    Default Loop doesn't repeat from where I want it to

    Hey guys,

    I have just finished a program but I just need help with one thing. First of all here is the code:

    Java Code:
    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class loop2
        public static void main (String[] args)
            Scanner inputReader = new Scanner (;
            char result='y';
            do {
                // ’Nytto’-kod:
                int vowels_count = 0;
                int consonents_count = 0;
                int charachters_count= 0;
                System.out.println("Skriv in en text");
                String str = inputReader.nextLine();
                String str2 = str.toLowerCase();
                char[] chr = str2.toCharArray();
                for(int i=0;i<chr.length;i++)
                    if(chr[i] == 'a' || chr[i]== 'e' || chr[i] == 'i' || chr[i] == 'o' || chr[i] == 'u')
                    else if(chr[i] == '-' || chr[i] == '!' || chr[i] == '?' || chr[i] == ',' || chr[i] == '.' || chr[i] == ':' || chr[i] == ';')
                System.out.println("Antalet vokaler:"+vowels_count+ " "+"Antalet konsonanter:"+consonents_count+" "+"Antalet interpunktionstecken:"+charachters_count++);
                // Kod f ̈or hantering av repetition
                System.out.println ("För att upprepa: Skriv y");
                System.out.println ("För att avsluta: Skriv n");
                String repeat=inputReader.nextLine();// H ̈amta anv ̈andarens svar.
                else if(result !='y' && result !='n')
                    System.out.println("Du får bara skriva y eller n, försök igen!");
                    System.out.println ("Klart.");
                    inputReader.close ();
            while (result == 'y'); // Observera semikolon!
    My problem lies somewhere on row 40-42. The user gets a question if they want to repeat the program by pressing y or n. If they press y the program repeats itself and this works, if they press n it quits and this also works. But when the user input is something else than y or n, they get an error message and then the program repeats itself from the beginning whereas it should repeat itself from the question to input either y or n. What do I have to change on row 40-42?

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    Default Re: Loop doesn't repeat from where I want it to

    In line 42 you assign the value of 'y'. The next else is skipped and the while continues since result == 'y'. You need some additional logic to handle the case when neither an n or y is provided. Often, prompts of this nature are put inside a loop and only exit on proper responses. Otherwise they repeat until the user enters a valid response.

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