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Thread: Look up table for Do, Re, Mi notes?

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    Default Look up table for Do, Re, Mi notes?

    I have a table of music notes and values:

    {"Do":262,"Re":294,"Mi":330,"Fa":349,"Sol":392,"La ":440,"Si":494}

    Is there some way I can make that some kind of "list" or even object, where I can then use the string "Mi" to get back the number that is the frequency of that note?

    I guess I am looking for what to put in for the ???? here in this snippit (or maybe this is totally off base)

    string notename = "Mi";
    int notefreq;

    ????? tableofnotes={"Do":262,"Re":294,"Mi":330,"Fa":349, "Sol":392,"La":440,"Si":494}

    notefreq=???? (tableofnotes,notename)

    Any help appreciated!!

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    Default Re: Look up table for Do, Re, Mi notes?

    One way would be to parse the Strings in that list of Strings separating the names and values and then use them with a Map<String, Integer>
    Then the value could be accessed using the get method:
    int freq = theMap.get("Mi");
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    Default Re: Look up table for Do, Re, Mi notes?

    Well, for something like this where the values wouldn't (shouldn't change) I would use an Enum. Check it out here

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