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    Unhappy Java Program To Convert A Number In To Words With Decimals

    Sorry for being such a newbie.

    The program will accept a double-data type input from a user. Function of the program is to convert the number inputted to its equivalent words.


    12345.67 = Twelve thousand and three hundred and forty five dollars and sixty seven cents

    765.43 = seven hundred and sixty five dollars and forty three cents

    Oh. By the way, using the following methods on the java.lang.String is much appreciated.

    • charAt()
    • length()
    • trim()
    • valueOf() - overload
    • toCharArray()
    • indexOf(String str)
    • indexOf(String str, int fromIndex)

    Does anybody have the idea here? :confused:

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    This assignment has been posted and solved before. You should be able to find it with a Search.

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