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    Default \\ Help With Java Coding Please ?

    Hey Guys :)
    I've been reading a java book for dummies and I really became frustrated and desperate with this question cuz i reached a point where I really can't work out the next stepو please help

    Ben has opened a new cookies oven, he wants to produce cookies of various flavors and tastes. In his mind he decided to have four types of cookies, the cookies are mainly made of wheat flower or corn flower. The dough ingredients of cookies are flower, sugar , milk , yeast , butter. each type of cookies dough has a percent of such ingredients in addition there are some other gradient for each type such as cocoa , anise seed, black seed and other based on the taste of the cookies. In addition to such cookies has topping such as chocolate topping, strawberry, blueberry, raisins.

    You need to write a program that simulates cookies of different types and ingredients using the concept of Object-Oriented without using the concept of inheritance. Then your program will have an array of 100 elements of random cookies and need to compute the quantities of all the above ingredients.

    thanks :)

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    Default Re: \\ Help With Java Coding Please ?

    Do you have any specific java programming questions?
    What have you tried?
    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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    Default Re: \\ Help With Java Coding Please ?

    I'd say you will need a cookie class that has a couple of Integer properties (ingredients) and 4 Boolean properties (toppings).

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