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    Default Need help to analyse Merge sort and matrix multiplication code.

    Hi everyone,
    I just need a small help, i am not familiar with java language. I want anyone to make an step by step explanation to a code, which i provided below. Kindly check the images. There are two kind of codes for which i need explanation one is "Merge sort" second is "Matrix Multiplication". I will be very thankful to one, will do this for me. Again, i need just step by step explanation of that java code in english which i provide below.
    Regard's Shahwar.

    .................................................. .........
    merge sort ...

    public class MyMergeSort {

    private int[] array;
    private int[] tempMergArr;
    private int length;

    public static void main(String a[]){

    int[] inputArr = {45,23,11,89,77,98,4,28,65,43};
    MyMergeSort mms = new MyMergeSort();
    for(int i:inputArr){
    System.out.print(" ");

    public void sort(int inputArr[]) {
    this.array = inputArr;
    this.length = inputArr.length;
    this.tempMergArr = new int[length];
    doMergeSort(0, length - 1);

    private void doMergeSort(int lowerIndex, int higherIndex) {

    if (lowerIndex < higherIndex) {
    int middle = lowerIndex + (higherIndex - lowerIndex) / 2;
    // Below step sorts the left side of the array
    doMergeSort(lowerIndex, middle);
    // Below step sorts the right side of the array
    doMergeSort(middle + 1, higherIndex);
    // Now merge both sides
    mergeParts(lowerIndex, middle, higherIndex);

    private void mergeParts(int lowerIndex, int middle, int higherIndex) {

    for (int i = lowerIndex; i <= higherIndex; i++) {
    tempMergArr[i] = array[i];
    int i = lowerIndex;
    int j = middle + 1;
    int k = lowerIndex;
    while (i <= middle && j <= higherIndex) {
    if (tempMergArr[i] <= tempMergArr[j]) {
    array[k] = tempMergArr[i];
    } else {
    array[k] = tempMergArr[j];
    while (i <= middle) {
    array[k] = tempMergArr[i];

    - See more at: Implement merge sort in java. - Java sorting algorithm programs

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    Default Re: Need help to analyse Merge sort and matrix multiplication code.

    Please edit your post and wrap your code with code tags:


    to get highlighting and preserve formatting.

    i am not familiar with java language
    Ok, the place to start is here:
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    Default Re: Need help to analyse Merge sort and matrix multiplication code.

    We prefer not to go to foreign sites. Please post you code here like Norm explained. And please do NOT post any images of your code or snapshots. Just the code.

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    Default Re: Need help to analyse Merge sort and matrix multiplication code.

    Where's the matrix multiplication method?

    kind regards,

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