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Thread: Images (javafx)

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    Default Images (javafx)

    I have a Blackjack homework where i am given a folder with 52 cards (like ace of spades = 1.png; 2 of spades = 2.png; and so forth). I have put these cards in an ArrayList and shuffles them every time the user hits the button Deal. I display the first two cards on the ArrayList on the screen. How do I get the value of the cards shown since these are displayed as images on my pane? I have created another ArrayList and compares each selected card to every content of the new cards ArrayList to get the value. It runs, but does not compute the value of the two cards.

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    Default Re: Images (javafx)

    first two cards on the ArrayList
    If the filenames are on the ArrayList, you could get the names there.
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    Default Re: Images (javafx)

    You would usually build a class that represents a card, with the suit and value and, in your case, the filename for the image.

    If you haven't got that far, then (and this is not good Java) you could produce a Map<String, String> which maps the filename to a description of the card.
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