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    Default New to Java, quick question

    So, i understand what parameters are in a method

    but i dont' understand what an argument in a method is, can someone give me an example of both, and saying what part is the argument, i'd appreciate it!

    /edit preferably code that shows both in the same code, an entire program plz, not a snippet
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    Default Re: New to Java, quick question

    They're the same thing.
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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    Default Re: New to Java, quick question

    There are lots of words in programming that are used interchangeably, and often it doesn't matter. Your example is one of them, others might include:

    - variable == field == attribute == property
    - method == function == subroutine == procedure

    These are not technically the same in all languages, but are often used interchangeably in java. Technically, procedures are just operations that can be invoked which may take data as an input, where as functions return a value. Methods have an OOP (Object Oriented Programming) connotation. In java, you generally use method/function.

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