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    Default System.out.print date format


    When I use rs2.getString(aDate) the result of this is 2017-01-07 13:08:35.000000 .
    But I would for result 07-Jan-2017. How I can do that and must the code be written?

    Thanks for all


    Java Code:
        private void jTxtMatrFocusLost(){
                  PreparedStatement ps1,ps2;
                  Connection conn = Connect.ConnectDB();  
                try {  
                    String SQL1 = "SELECT * FROM Signaletique where Matricule = ?";
                        ps1 = conn.prepareStatement(SQL1); 
                        ResultSet rs1 = ps1.executeQuery();
                     String SQL2 = "SELECT * FROM Decisions where Matr = ?";   
                        ps2 = conn.prepareStatement(SQL2); 
                        ResultSet rs2 = ps2.executeQuery();
                        affiche("Matr Sql2:"+jTxtMatr.getText()) ;
                        affiche("Matr Sql2:"+jTxtMatr.getText()) ;
                while ( {
                jTxtNomPrenom.setText(rs1.getString(3)+ " " + rs1.getString(4));
                jTxtMatr2.setText(rs1.getString(3)+ " - " + rs1.getString(4));
                while ( {
                rs2.getString(3)+" - "+
                rs2.getString(4)+" - "+
                rs2.getString(5)+" - "+
                rs2.getString(6)+ "\n"));       
    System.out.print("Last Name :"+rs1.getString(3) );
     System.out.print( rs1.getString(4) );
     System.out.print(" => "+rs2.getString(2));
     System.out.print(" - "+rs2.getString(3));
     System.out.println(" ");
        }catch(SQLException e){
            JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, e);

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    Default Re: System.out.print date format

    I'm not a DB type but the ResultSet interface provides a getDate command that returns a java.sql.Date object. Perhaps you can use that and format it using the SimpleDateFormat class. Since java.sql.Date subclasses java.util.Date, it seems like it should work.

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    Default Re: System.out.print date format

    the result of this is 2017-01-07 13:08:35.000000 .
    Is the result you show in a String? The SimpleDateFormat class's parse() method could create a Date object that could be formatted as per Jim's post.
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    Default Re: System.out.print date format

    A few points.
    Do not use the index version of getXXX on a ResultSet when you have a 'SELECT * FROM...' query, as you cannot guarantee what order the columns are returned.
    Either use the version where you pass in the column name, or give the column names in the SELECT statement.

    When getting the data from the columns try and use the actual datatype. Since this is a DATE (or TIMESTAMP) column, then you should be using the getDate method (as jim suggests), otherwise it will reformat the DATE using whatever default format the JDBC driver uses for that database.

    Finally, you are not closing your resources (PreparedStatement and ResultSet and, possibly, the Connection?) in a finally block. You can use try-with-resources instead, though, which skips some of the boiler plate code.
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