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    Default How to proceed with developing Java skills after completing CS106A ?

    I have completed Stanford`s Java Programming methodology. I did it in 4-5 months with relatively high level of thoroughness. I did 6 out of 7 big assignments, did all homeworks, read couple of times course reader The Art and Science of Java by Eric Roberts etc. Since the title is almost self-explanatory, how do I proceed further ?

    I decide not to go for CS106B (C++ course), but rather to continue developing Java skills.

    Somehow I think that tutorials are not giving you much of practice versus books. So my thoughts are to start with some good book, where there are good programming assignments, small and big ones, easier and more difficult...After reading this, somehow it seems that HeadFirst is my natural choice. Although, after I looked at several chapters of the book, it seems that it does not have enough assignments and concrete tasks. But on the other hand, that book gives very nice theory and I prefer that style of writing.

    What would you guys do, all suggestions are more then welcome.

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    Default Re: How to proceed with developing Java skills after completing CS106A ?

    I would think of a fun project and make it. On the way you will run across new-to-you API's that might be worth looking into. So the answer is: it depends on what you want to do with Java later. The heads first Java book is more for newbies, go to a bookstore and take a look at the covered parts, you will see that many things look familiar to you by now.

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    Default Re: How to proceed with developing Java skills after completing CS106A ?

    Head First Java is a great book, although it is meant for beginners. If this is your first time with object oriented programming, definitely get to read it. Use notebook and pencil to write yourself a reminder after every lesson, because there are many important ideas and concepts inside, which one cannot digest in small amount of time.

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