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    Default Re: Running a jar in a batch file

    placed one try.jar file on desktop and another in try.jar in C:\Users\Trynys
    The way the program is written, it requires the Bulve.jpg file to be in the same folder with the jar file.
    So every place you copy the jar file, you must also put the Bulve.jpg file.

    The program should be rewritten to use resources so that all required files are contained in the jar file and not copied with the jar file.
    See the Class class's methods that get resources from the contents of the jar file.
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    Default Re: Running a jar in a batch file

    Perhaps I was meant wrong. I wanted to know, how to make a code excutable outside eclipse. I mean: double click on that file - program runs.

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    Default Re: Problem running jar file

    (Moved this to its own thread, as it wasn't related at all to the one it was posted in).

    Norm is saying that your resources (in this case an image) should be part of the jar file, and should be retrieved using the getResource methods.
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