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    Hello again all, So just wanted to say I think I will be putting my Java learning on hold for awhile. I have gotten into a 5 month night time coding school in stl and the language is Python. Right now I am going through the 4 chapters of prework and it is simple thanks to all the Java everyone here has helped me learn. I think the hardest part so far as been not putting all my {} and ; and other things. It just seems to use indentation instead. I need to find a IDE if anyone has suggestions. I downloaded the netbeans plugin but once installed it keeps starting and stopping scanning of background projects so I just uninstalled it.

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the help on my projects.

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    Our friends from JetBrains got you covered:
    "It's not fixed until you stop calling the problem weird and you understand what was wrong." - gimbal2 2013

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