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Thread: Decomposition of subject area

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    Default Decomposition of subject area

    Can you recommend any books or other tips about how to decompose subject area for applications (currently using java I mean OOP).

    I read about SOLID and patterns, but have problems with these questions when I'm trying to create an class etc:
    1. What methods I need here.
    2. Where exactly I need interface and where abstract class.
    3. Links between classes. How to make it right. (It is most hard for me)
    4. Thinking about future modifications and how to write code with this thinking.

    I understand these questions seems about pattern/base logic, maybe I need more detailed examples.

    In the Bruce Eckel's book there's a quote - "However, other people may not get the big picture concepts until they’ve seen some of the mechanics first; these people may become bogged down and lost without some code to get their hands on. " It's about me.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Decomposition of subject area

    Learning by doing seems to make sense in your case. How about the books that you have already, don't they have some examples that you could reiterate in your own system?

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    Default Re: Decomposition of subject area

    Do you know how to play the CRC (Classes Responsibilities Collaboration) Game? Given a problem, invent the 'actors' of a play; the 'actors' (those are the classes) can say things to other classes or ask them things. If you manage to come up with a set of actors and the things they (have to) say, you've come up with a certain solution to the problem; the things they say are the methods of the classes; give those actors a name that corresponds to their capabilities; let your imagination do the hard work and don't be afraid of good old pencil and paper.

    kind regards,

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