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    Default if clause problem

    Hi everyone,
    i can't understand one thing of the if-else if clause. In fact, in the program i'm trying to write, i need... how can i explain this, not an else if clause, but something like a "moreover if" clause. I don't know if i have explained my problem well.

    In the program i have to make some values changes
    if the first digit of a number written by the one who runs the program equals to the first digit of the number i wrote before;
    if the second digit of a number written by the one who runs the program equals to the second digit of the number i wrote before
    etc. etc.

    how can i do this? i miss only the part with the if clauses

    Sorry for my english, i'm italian, and thank you all.
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    Default Re: if clause problem

    An if statement needs a clause to be true or false, and it looks like we have it: the first digit of both inputs. I imagine it looks something like this:
    Java Code:
    boolean all_match is true
    loop for each character of the users input
       if the users character not equals my character then
            all_match is false
            break out the loop (no use continuing)
       end if
    end loop
    If the all_match variable is still true at the end of the loop, then all the digits (or characters) should be the same.

    pro tip: you can shortcut this in a few ways: if either input is empty, then a match is false to start with, if the lengths are not equal, then again there is no match possible
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