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    Lightbulb How can I get Fixed size Queue

    Hi there,

    I am trying to create a Queue, and I want to insert data in it only if it's size is less than 10. But however, on inserting it is even inserting in the size if its size is already 10. looks like IF condition is not working.

    Java Code:
    	Queue<Customer> sitt = new LinkedList<Customer>();
            if(sitt.size() < 10) {
    		System.out.println("Customer #" + cust.iD + " is sitting...");
    If I run a thread, and add like 22 objects, they all will be added, however my condition is " < 10".
    Any solution for this?

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    Default Re: How can I get Fixed size Queue

    I want to insert data
    Where is the code that does the add to insert data?
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    Default Re: How can I get Fixed size Queue

    If you implement a Queue as LinkedList you can not define a maximum number of elements. If you are looking for a queue of limited size you have to look into other types like ArrayBlockingQueue.

    As Norm said, your presented snippet does not provide enough info for us to see why the if statement does not give you the expected result.

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    Default Re: How can I get Fixed size Queue

    And your example does not make sense. Each time that code is run you create a new Queue. The size is 0 so you add (via the offer)
    a new element.

    And you don't need to cast Queue to use Queue.offer() since it is defined in the Queue interface.

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