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    Default accessor question and how do I test?

    I have to write a Odometer program and test it with several trips. I am totally confused about this part: create an accessor method which will track gallons of gas consumed since last reset and also test your program with several trips with different fuelEfficiencies.
    I tried looking in absolute java about accessors but I'm still confused.
    Java Code:
    public class Odometer
    		//instance variables
    	 private int mileage;
    	 private int fuelEfficiency;
    	 public Odometer() //mutator method to set mileage to 0 
    		 mileage = 0; 
    		 fuelEfficiency = 20;
    	 public Odometer(int mileage, int fuelEfficiency) //mutator method for mileage
    		 this.mileage = mileage; // setting instance variable mileage to the parameter
    	 public void setMileage() //mutator method to set mileage to new value
    		 mileage = 25;
    	private void setFuelEfficiency(int fuelEfficiency) //constructor method to create fuelEfficiency object
    		 this.fuelEfficiency = fuelEfficiency;
    	 //calculate gallons?
    	 private void setGallons(int gallons)
    		 gallons = fuelEfficiency/mileage;
    	 // accessor method to return fuel since last trip?
    	 private int getGallons()
    		 return gallons;

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    Default Re: accessor question and how do I test?

    You don't need (and don't actually have) a 'gallons' variable.
    What your getGallons should do is return the result of the calculation.

    And get rid of the setGallons.
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