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    Question How to allow input for two threads from the console?

    Hay people,
    i have a question.

    Lets say i have a class "a", and class a creates a class "b" in the new thread.
    Class a is like a command prompt, it accepts input from the user in infinite loop, and gives that input to the thread of class b, and this thread handles that input, while thread of class a can accept new input and create a new instance of thread of class b for the next user command.

    Thread of class b usually does not require any additional input, unless in some special cases, where it requires some additional input from the user.
    The problem is that thread a is constantly waiting for next users input in the console, and thread b wants to get users input also.

    If i program the thread b that it simply waits for users input too, than one line of input is deliver to thread b, and another to thread a, and than b, a, b, a...

    If i simply leave both threads waiting for user input.

    Usually it is required that thread b gets several lines of user input before it can complete.

    I was considering that i suspend thread a from thread b at the time thread B requires input, and resume thread a after thread b no lOnger requires it.

    But the problem is since thread a created thread b, thread b can not suspend thread a since it does not have reference to it.

    If i simply use thread.suspend method, it suspends thread b instead of thread a.

    So, how can i solve this, so that i can suspend thread a until thread b is done reading from the console?

    Or if both threads are waiting for the input from the console, is there a way that i prevent thread a from getting it until thread b is done?

    Thank you for your time
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    Default Re: How to allow input for two threads from the console?

    What have you tried?

    How to allow input for two threads from the console?
    Treat the console as a resource and queue to use it.
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