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    Default writing body in post throws error

    Hi , am writing a post method in java
    the body of the post is

    Java Code:
        "documentQuery": {
    when i write it in java

    Java Code:
    	StringEntity input = new StringEntity(
    				+"\"documentQuery\": {"
    				+"[\"100003\", "+ sDoc1 +"]"
    Looks like something wrong when i give "+ sDoc1 +" and it throws error 404 bad response.
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    Default Re: writing body in post throws error

    There is not enough explanation or code here to know what the problem is.
    How is this a java programming problem and not a server configuration problem?
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    Default Re: writing body in post throws error

    Why is one id a String and the other not?

    Do you know if your POST is reaching the correct bit of the server?
    Have you tried "hand posting" (using something like Postman) the data?
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