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    Default What do I need to learn to write Java forum software?

    I have some ideas about what forum software should do and how it could be implemented, but I don't know what I would have to know to begin to implement it. I've only developed fairly simple GUI applications so far. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Here are some things I feel I should learn more about:
    * Java SQL database integration
    * Java client/server applications
    * Serving HTML and CSS

    Feel free to expland the list, and to share any resources for learning how to do the above as well as anything else you think I should learn.

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    Default Re: What do I need to learn to write Java forum software?

    • A forum depends very heavily on the database structure. You want to nail that first. You don't need Java for that.
      • Posts and replies
      • Posts with parents and children
      • Forums
      • Subforums
      • Users
      • Permissions
      • Achievements
      • Ratings
      • (temporarily) banning on username/ip
      • Logging
      • Maintenance mode
      • Pruning
      • The list goes on and on.
    • Create a backend that will pull the data. EJB's that use plain old DAO's, Hibernate, any other ORM, or just plain JPA.
    • A webservice that serves it to the frontend (Possibly usng JSON for your asynchronous client).
    • A HTML client using React, Ember2, or Angular2.
    • SASS for creating CSS

    This will keep you busy for a day or two :)

    Edit: BB code sucks! :)
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    Default Re: What do I need to learn to write Java forum software?

    Writing a forum software from scratch is a huge piece of work.

    Have you considered taking an existing open source forum project, such as jforum2, and then modifying it? Assuming it doesn't do everything you need already, in which case there really is no need to write your own.

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